Why Choose Me?

Rigorously trained in both hospital and private practice settings, I am able to help you address your individual or relationship needs, whether you find them to be purely psychological, or you require care that is spiritually or faith based. Psychotherapy literally means cure or care of the soul, and can be traced to the ancient Greeks.

Spiritually integrated psychotherapy highlights and explores your sense of purpose, what makes you feel connected and what nurtures your soul, and is what forms the basis of my training.  Therapy’s success relies on an open, trusting, relationship built between you, the patient, and me, the therapist.  Our trust for each other is what makes it possible to address your emotional, spiritual, cognitive and behavioral concerns safely and honestly, and for you to reconnect who and where you are, with who and where you would like to be.  Wholeness, peace, is found in the balance of mind, body and soul, and it is that towards which we will work.

Addressing the pain and struggles which impact your everyday life can be difficult, but, working together, we will also explore your inner resources.  Using a variety of treatment approaches, including EMDR, CBT, solution focussed therapy, that which is important to you, challenges you, gives you hope and comfort, where you find peace, where you find purpose will become evident and be strengths that we will draw from.  We will work to help you re-discover you, how to better cope, how to move from where you might be stuck and how to move from distress towards calm.

Insurance coverage is available through most extended health benefit plans, which allows me to assist you in a more affordable manner.

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