Listed here are links to published peer reviewed journal articles, abstracts and book chapters I co-authored.

Contextual family therapy is a rich, informative approach to therapy which honours the role of our experiences growing up, attachment to our families, and the impact our past has on our current lives.  Here is a case study, of which I was a part, applying the theory to a family.
Macleod, Derek J.; Sadewa, Agus B.; Arthur, Ruth Ann; Collins, Kelly L.; Hand-Breckenridge, Tracey L.; Runstedler, Yvonne; and Van Hooren, Kellie A. (2014) “The Balance of Fairness in Family Relations: A Contextual Family Therapy Case Study,” Consensus: Vol. 35:2, Article 6.

The Three Wishes Project is an innovative study that has brought peace to those near death, as well as their families.  Asking for and honouring last wishes helps to create meaning, memories and closure at death, and personalizes the dying process for patients and their families, says a new multidisciplinary study led by McMaster University professor, Dr. Deborah Cook, a professor of medicine and clinical epidemiology and biostatistics at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, Academic Chair, and intensivist in the ICU at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.  Other clinicians include spiritual care psychotherapists (chaplains), palliative care physicians, medical residents, respiratory therapists, ICU nurses, and physiotherapists.   Read the abstract here:

Cook, DJ, Swinton, M, Toledo, F, Clarke, F, Rose, T, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Boyle, A, Woods, A, Zytaruk, N, Heels-Ansdell, D, Sheppard, RD. Personalizing Death in the ICU:  The Three Wishes Project.  Annals of Internal Medicine 2015; 163:271-279.  doi:10.7326/M15-0502


Experiences and Expressions of Spirituality at the End of life in the Intensive Care Unit (

Swinton, M, Giacomini, M, Toledo, F, Rose, T, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Boyle, A, Woods, A, Clarke, F, Shears, M, Sheppard, R, Cook, D. Dying in the Intensive Care Unit: Experiences and Expressions of Spirituality 2016. American Review of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 2016; doi: 10.1164/rccm.2016061102OC.


Word Clouds as A Visual Legacy, British Medical Journal of Supportive and Palliative Care, November 2016 (

Vanstone, M, Toledo, F, Clarke, F, Boyle, a, Giacomini, M, Swinton, M, Saunders, L, Shears, M, Zytaruk, N, Woods, A, Rose, T, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Heels-Ansdell, D, Anderson-White, S, Sheppard, R, Cook D (2016). Narrative medicine in the ICU: Word clouds as visual legacy. British Medical Journal Supportive and Palliative Care. Published on line Nov 24, 2016.  doi: 10.1136/bmjspcare-2016-001179.


Published Book Chapters

Hand-Breckenridge, T, Cook, D, Boyle, A, Woods, A, Swinton, M, Rose, T, Toledo, F.  Personal Reflections by Researchers on the 3 Wishes Project: An End-of-Life Project in the Intensive Care Unit. In: Schmidt, Angela, Michael Chow, Patricia Berendsen, Tom O’Connor (eds.) (2016). Thriving on the Edge: Integrating Spiritual Practice, Theory and Research 2016. Kitchener, ON: CASCWONT.


Published Abstracts

Personalizing Death in the ICU (CCCF) (


Cook, D, Swinton, M, Toledo, F, Clarke F, Rose, T, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Boyle, A, Woods, A, Zytaruk N, Saunders, L, Shears M, Heels-Ansdell, D, Sheppard R. Personalizing Death in the ICU: The Three Wishes Demonstration Project. Canadian Critical Care Forum Abstract Book, Toronto, ON, October 28, 2014.


3 Wishes Project (ATS) (

Swinton M, Clarke F, Zytaruk N, Toledo F, Boyle A, Woods A, Sheppard R, Cook D. The Three Wishes Demonstration Project: Towards Dying with Dignity in the ICU. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Med 2014;189:A1129.


3 Wishes Interprofessional Collaboration (CCCF) (


Swinton, M, Rose, T, Toledo, F, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Woods, A, Boyle, A, Clarke, F, Zytaruk, N, Saunders, L, Shears, M, Sheppard, RD, Cook, D, Interprofessional Collaboration in the ICU: Determinants of Success in the 3 Wishes Project.  Canadian Critical Care Forum Abstract Book 2015, Toronto, ON, October 26, 2015.

Swinton, M, Rose, T, Woods, A, Boyle, A, Toledo, A, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Shears, M, Cook, D.  Spirituality During the Dying Process in the ICU: Findings from the 3 Wishes Project.  Critical Care Medicine 2015; 43(12); suppl A362.


Expanding the 3 Wishes Project: Potential Challenges and Solutions (Niagara Quality Symposium)

Shears M, Swinton M, Clarke F, Toledo F, Woods A, Boyle A, Hoad N, French T, Rose T, Hand-Breckenridge, Vanstone, M, Sheppard, R, Cook, D.  Expanding the 3 Wishes Project:  Potential Challenges and Solutions.  Niagara Health Quality Symposium Abstract Book 2016.


The Word Cloud a Visual Legacy of a Loved One’s Life (International Palliative Care Congress)


Toledo, F, Swinton, M, Clarke, F, Saunders, L, Woods, A, Boyle, A, Shears, M, Zytaruk, N, Rose, T, Hand-Breckenridge, T, Vanstone, M, Giacomini, M, Sheppard, R, Cook, D. The Word Cloud: A Visual Legacy of a Loved One’s Life. International Palliative Care Congress, October 2016, Montreal, Quebec, International Journal of Palliative Care 2016 Abstract Book.

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