We are now providing therapy on-line using a Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) compliant and secure platform or by telephone. Appointments will resume, in person, when health conditions improve.

Welcome to Cedar Creek Counselling

I’m very glad that you have taken this first, often difficult step towards finding a therapist to help you.  People turn  to therapy for many reasons, and each therapist has a different focus and approach.  To optimize your treatment, it’s important that you select the person who can best help you, so I encourage you to speak and meet with me, if you feel we may be a good match.  My approach is varied, and depends on your specific needs.

Do you recognize yourself here?

  • You are a first responder or healthcare professional being affected by trauma or PTSD?
  • “Something” is missing in your life.  You have relationship/marriage issues.
  • You have an addiction, or are the child of an addict or alcoholic.
  • You would like to work through some important issues prior to saying “I do”.
  • You are struggling with a palliative or chronic illness, or supporting a loved one who is.
  • Grief, depression or anxiety has become a huge weight.
  • You are grappling with issues that are rooted in your spiritual or religious beliefs.

I’ll help you to begin healing the wounds that are causing your pain, and move towards peace and happiness.